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We present new concepts and innovative products, introduce creative people, pick up interesting topics, tell stories and create worlds of experience.




We create genuine experiences at the POS: Like a PROGRAMME DIRECTORATE, we constantly offer new contents and create sales and pop-up areas in bricks and mortar retail. What's new, innovative, and entertaining will be presented. We introduce creative concepts and interesting brands. In doing so, we appeal to the senses and emotions, take up the big issues of this time and aim at exchange and encounter: Entertainment – Infotainment – Socializing.


An essential USP of WHAF x z∞ is the creation of sales areas and worlds of experience at temporary spaces or pop-up stores! Here we offer a full package of services: We develop and implement individual design concepts and interior plans for our clients, even bring online shops into the analogue world and create experiences through on-going programme management.

We also implement our worlds of experience in the temporary use of vacant spaces turning them into eye-catchers and attractive for re-letting. This is where we apply our pop-up concepts or stage art projects in the space to draw attention!


The place always serves as inspiration for all creations and happenings. We see places as habitats in which people and their needs should be the focus. In collaboration with street artists and arts university students we design house facades, driveways, mall entries, ventilation towers, office walls, staircases, etc.   



Perfectly matched to all customer needs! We ensure the proper visual presence at the POS, develop visual merchandising guidelines and window display concepts, create logos, CDs, web presences and classic advertising material. The central theme of our extensive portfolio also runs through the entire communication sector: We also take on the conception and implementation of your marketing and PR measures!


Professionally designed events are a key factor in innovative and modern event planning. Whether conferences or company celebrations, product presentations, dinner settings, press events, etc. we create the right ambience for each happening! Starting with a concept for the creative design of the venue, coordinate all players on site and take over the setting of the location.

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